Key Features

  1. - Live TV Streaming plus Digital Signage i.e. have Live TV + Digital Signage on the same TV Display.
  2. - Centrally manage all branches from the HQ.
  3. - Solution works with Any Brand/Type of TV or Professional Signage displays (LG, Samsung etc.)
  4. - Zoning Capability (i.e. you can have the TVs at the North Zoned, South Zoned, West Zoned, East Zoned also TVs out of the country can be managed from the HQ)
  5. - Deliver the below to a single display
  6. - RSS feeds (Breaking News from Reuters, Bloomberg etc.)
  7. - Live Weather (One Day or up to Five Days weather forecast)
  8. - Live Local Time (Depending on the Country/Region Time Zone)
  9. - Promotional Video contents
  10. - Live TV (CNN, Aljazeera, BBC etc.)
  11. - Promotional/Informative Advert Images.
  12. - Power Point Slide Display.
  13. - Live Exchange Rate
  14. - Welcome Message (This can be localized per branch based the locale)

In a nutshell, we can procure and integrate the digital signage solution at a very reasonable price without any form of difficulties.

Business benefits



Low Cost

Reduced total cost of ownership.

In-built WiFi

The built-in WiFi capability take off the cost/maintainance of running extra LAN cables and also the built in SoC rakes odd of the cost of buying extra network set top box as it All-In-One.

Modern/Cost-effective technique

Reduce the cost of having to print signage banners all the time, all you need is the artwork.


More robust platform for information dissemination across the branches

Instant Update

Easily update all branch at a click from the HQ.


No internet needed to push content to displays.

Easy of use

Troubleshoot displays centrally.

Way Finding Solution

Our Digital Signage Solution can also perform the task of Way Finding Solution whereby it shows people how to find their way around a large facility, company, Organization, Institution or Building complex. And no matter what type of company, organization or institution you have, the routes are always dynamic.

Way finding Solution enables you to easily adjust routes and maps and lead your visitors to the right place easily and quickly.

Wayfinding Signage

Below are what Way Finding Solution can do:

  1. - Personalize and customize the content with logos, videos and social media for a warm welcome.
  2. - Link to your reservation or scheduling systems.
  3. - Sync databases to the digital signage system for personalized route descriptions.
  4. - In retail, easily show shoppers the way to stores with their favorite product or brand by having them enter what they are looking for in the navigational tool.
  5. - Increase service, experience and sales at the same time. For example, airline passengers can find their gate by typing in their flight number and then seeing where they can eat and drink along the way.


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